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Nicholas Hernandez

Nicholas Hernandez

Financial Advisor

Nicholas (Nick) Hernandez joined our team in September 2020 as an associate advisor. Prior to joining Emerald, he had interned at several other wealth management companies, learning the basics of the profession, as well as delivery of service, at several levels.

He graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Michigan in 2020.

While new in the industry, Nicholas has a firm belief that everyone can and should benefit from a financial advisor. With a focus on lifetime financial planning, he is here to guide you through inevitable market swings, information overload from biased media outlets, and everything else that only serves to distract you from achieving financial peace.

Personal Background: Nicholas is a sports junkie that especially enjoys his NY teams and being let down by the Michigan football team. He enjoys playing basketball and poker with his friend group, and they always try to squeeze in a weekly album listening session. Nicholas currently lives in Stony Point and has lived there his entire life.