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Eric Maher

Eric Maher

Senior Financial Advisor

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Eric Maher is a seasoned Financial Advisor who recently joined Emerald Retirement during the summer of 2023. With over two decades of financial management experience, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. His approach is grounded in transparency and prudence, and he has demonstrated his proficiency across various areas of finance.

Eric's journey in the financial world began after he completed his education at Cal State Polytechnic. He began his career as a Financial Advisor with American Express Financial Advisors (now known as Ameriprise) in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, he diligently assisted clients across the West Coast, building a reputation for his dedication and client-centric approach.

One of Eric's core passions is financial literacy, which is evident through the numerous financial education workshops he has conducted nationwide. Guided by values such as objectivity, transparency, and prudence, these workshops have empowered many with insights into effective financial planning, empowering them for a more secure future.

In 2018, Eric's journey took him to New York, a place that held personal significance as he had spent many summers there with relatives on Long Island. 

At Emerald Retirement, Eric wears two hats with distinction. His primary role is that of a trusted Financial Planner, where he leverages his extensive experience to guide clients toward their financial goals. Additionally, he serves as the Operational Strategist, showcasing his strategic mindset and ability to contribute to the company's overall success.

Eric resides in Harrison, New York, with his wife, two children, and their beloved Border Collie named Rosie. He is an active participant in his community, engaging in volunteer work. Eric finds joy in exploring his interests in food, travel, music, and history whenever he can.