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Our Mission

Create life enhancing financial independence for our clients through improved perspective, improved behavior, and improved results.

Our Vision

To cause a positive and permanent impact for our clients through continuous improvement of our process, methods, and actions.

Our Challenge & Why We Exist

A well-intentioned American couple retiring with the means to fund the first decade of their retirement may often not be able to adequately fund their second decade and beyond.

This result is rarely due to a lack of resources but a lack of fundamentals-based long-term planning. Bad information, missing information, misconceptions, and human nature – these are the gaps that cause this shortfall. We exist to bridge those gaps. In doing so, we help people support their families, pursue their goals, and maintain their dignity and independence.

Our Clients & Why We Love What We Do

Seeking our specialization in retirement planning and behavioral advising, our clients are patient, disciplined, and long-term oriented, or are actively working to enhance these qualities.

Our clients depend on our comprehensive process to assure that their strategies prudently and accurately match their long-term goals, including their income requirements and overall lifestyle. We are timely and responsive, meeting with clients a few times a year to review and refine the plan.

Our clients know what they want from their lives; they're just not always sure how to get there. So, while our clients are in charge of determining their goals, we're in charge of figuring out the most effective and reliable way to work toward those goals. That's what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us going all day.

Our Focus & How We Serve You

Does our client understand the critical issues? Are they acting in accordance with those issues? Are their results in alignment with their actions?

This is the series of questions that we ask ourselves every single time we provide planning and advice to those we serve. They are critical to our sustained value.

No two individuals or families are alike, and so no two written plans will be exactly alike, nor will the steps taken to arrive at such plans. That is why we've placed an emphasis on both the strength of our process and its ability to be customized to fit each client's individual priorities. Furthermore, just as our clients are never done refining their own long-term plans, we are never done refining our overall methods. Our commitment and our promise to our clients is to seek precision in our work through ongoing self-assessment and improvement.

Our Foundation

The Twelve Fundamentals Of Retirement Planning™

1. GOALS. “Goal-Focused & Values-Driven: Why Any Other Plan Isn't Yours”

2. FREEDOM. “The Pursuit of Freedom & The Transition into Retirement”

3. FAMILY. “Family & Community: Involving Those Around You”

4. HEALTH.“Your Health Matters: Physical, Mental, and Social”

5. NOISE.“The Noise of News and Neighbors: Role of the 24 / 7 Media”

6. RISK. “Real Planning for Real Risks: Defining the Challenges”

7. FAITH. “Capitalism, Business Cycles & The Need for Faith in the Future”

8. EQUITY. “Big Rocks First: Asset Allocation & The Value of Equity”

9. BEHAVIOR. “A Behavioral Perspective: The Role of Patience & Discipline”

10. BALANCE.“Diversification & Rebalancing: The Only Two Responses”

11. MONEY.“The Net/Net of Real Money: Impact of Taxes & Inflation”

12. PHILOSOPHY.“Your Foundational Philosophy: The Articulation of Purpose”

Please refer to this PDF for a complete description of The Twelve Fundamentals of Retirement Planning™